Issuing an export pedigree

Issuing an export pedigree


The 'export pedigree' is a multi-language International registraton certificate of a dog which needs to be issued when the new owner of the dog is a foreign entity. The national kennel club of the country where the dog is imported into can accept, admit and register this certificate.


Requested documents for the process:


  • original pedigree

  • 'export pedigree' request form filled in adequately

  • copy of the membership card of the applicant if (s)he has one

  • proof of payment


The lead time of the export pedigree is approximately 25 working days. It is possible to an  “express export” pedigree application with a lead time of 3 days, the price of which can also be found in our current tariff.


Can be managed:

-Personally at the customer service of the MEOE Association during customer reception hours,

- or by post to the mailing address of the MEOE Association: MEOESZ 1701 Budapest, Pf. 12.


The fee for the export pedigree


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