Kennel name guide

Kennel name guide

Please note that the chosen kennel name is set once for all.

a.) When choosing a new kennel name, MEOE officer verifies whether the name (or a similar one) is already recorded in the kennel name database. In the lucky case there is no conflict with names, the chosen one can be granted to the applicant, which is confirmed in a certificate toward the breeder.

b.) A kennel name can be in joint ownership.

c.) When a breeder raises several breeds, they all should be recorded under the same kennel name.

d.) Kennel names cannot be transferred to others. It is subject to heredity and it can be possessed by the one who resumes the breeding.

e.) In case a kennel name was once recorded in Hungary (but was not recorded and thus reserved in the earlier FCI database) and a new litter was not registered through 5 years, the kennel name would cease to exist.

f.) FCI approval of a kennel name can be processed by the help of the League.

Documents to be handed in:

  • In case you have not granted a kennel name yet, you can start the process by filling in a request form. You should specify the minimum of three (3) name options – in the order of preference. Please dedicate approximately 45 working days to the whole process thus we advise that you should start the procedure prior the litter is born. Already recorded names can be found on:

  • copy of the valid membership card (if you have one)

  • proof of kennel name fee payment

You can take in person at the customer serivce of MEOE in business hours or you direct your mail to our postal address: MEOESZ 1701 Budapest, Pf. 12.

You can find more details about our fees under 'tariffes'; bank account details and business hours be found under 'contacts'.



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