Membership card administration

General information about the membeship card introduced in 2014


Based on the decision of the General Assembly of MEOE held in the Fall of 2013 the 'association' has changed into alliance. As a result private persons cannot be members of MEOE. Only member associations like breed clubs, regional (countryside) organizations, various dog sport clubs can be members of MEOE.


MEOE membership card is aimed to facilitate member associations to take advantage of each others' services. (See under Articles 18/1.)


Membership card justifies that the person is a member of an organization that is member of MEOE.


It is the privilege of MEOE member clubs to issue membership cards except for the case when a member club authorizes the MEOE customer service.


Member clubs and associations specify and exercise their own issuance policy. Please remember to inquire about the fees, processes and steps to be taken at the breed clubs, regional offices or dog sports clubs.


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