Downloadable forms

From 1st of January, 2017 we can only accept these downloadable forms for use to the requests.

Name of the Form: Downloadable PDF
Export pedigree request from abroad (in case of the new owner)  
Kennel name request / Kennel name protect request
Kennel partner request
Hungarian Champion request
Hungarian Minor Puppy Winner request
Hungarian Puppy Winner request
Hungarian Junior Champion request
Hungarian Show Champion request
Hungarian Grand Champion request
Hungarian Veteran Champion request
Interchampion request
Certified breeder title request
Magyar Verseny/Coursing Champion
Munkaigazolás kérelem

Forms for breeds, which without recognized breed club

Litter registrations forms

Other (pedigree) administration request form

Maiting certificate

Sales contract  
Official Copy of Pedigree   

Forms for Health certifications

Individual marking form    
Pattelaluxation application form
HD - application form
ED - application form



Individual markings (Microchip implantation process)




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