Enty for a dog show

General entry conditions



Entry to the exhibition is done properly by the valid Hungarian Kennel Club and FCI Show Regulations.

You can enter dogs over 3 months old with FCI acknowledged pedigree, you can enter one dog only one class. In case of entering more dogs to minor puppy, puppy and veteran class or in case of entereing more breeds wich are Hungarian national breeds, entery cannot be considered as first dog!

The entry itself is for the exact dog, we cannot accept the change of a dog to an another one.

You can enter online, via post or personally at the Hungarian Kennel Club main office at Budapest.We cannot process entries sent by fax or by e-mail!

In case of entry via post or personally you can download the entry form sample from the official website, copy of pedigree, champion or working certificates ( if you want enter your dogs to champion or working class), copy of membership card (szövetségi tagkártya), confirmations form the payment.


Online entry

You must make a registration before entering, and after the registration you can log in to our sytem. Before closing your entry, you have a possibility to correct datas in the following 6 hours after entering, if there is no correction, the entriy will be finally closed in the original forms. Our system will automatically send an e-mail feedback about the registered data, and it also contains the final form of the entry.
more info from the online entry :  General Rules


Entry Fees

You can find the entry fees at the Tariff or the entry brosures.Concerning to the entry fee category, that date counts when the whole amount of the entry fee was paid. In case of partial payment that date counts when the whole amount gets paid.

Only whole amount of the entry fees contained in the price list can be accepted.We cannot take over the bank transfer costs. You need to pay the entry fee if your dog can't come for the show too.

We can only change the class of an entried dog up to the date of catalogue closure. The fee for changing class is in the tariff table. In case of payment at the show, the administration fee is 10 Euro/dog.


Bank transfer, or cash in the main office at Budapest. Online entry only in case of credit card payment, we can't accept the bank transfer.



To choose the correct class to enter, the date of showing counts to calculate the age of the dog.


Animal health:

According to the valid Hungarian animal health rules you must confirm the valid vaccinations against rabies before entering the Show venue! Entering Hungary from EU and non EU countries according to the legistlation in force and law requirements.



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